Recipe from Ceará Bruaca

Recipe from Ceará Bruaca

Although the name leaves no doubt as to the origin of this recipe originating in Ceará, the bruaca receives other names throughout Brazil: bolo de caco northeastern, priest's ear, wooden ear, horn cake, leather hat, priest's hat ... there are many variations, but the recipe is little different.

Here we show you how to make bruaca from Ceará, a sweet pancake that goes well for breakfast or lunch. It's very simple, you soon learn how to do it and you will certainly repeat the preparation many times! Check out all the details on how to make sweet bruaca below.

Ingredients for making Bruaca from Ceará:

 1 cup of wheat flour (140 grams)

 ½ cup of sugar (80 grams)

 ½ cup of milk (120 milliliters)

 2 eggs

 1 pinch of salt

How to make Bruaca from Ceará:

In a blender, beat all the ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, eggs and salt) until you get a smooth, soft batter, like pancake batter.

Grease a skillet with a little oil or butter and bring to medium heat. When it's hot, add a ladle of soup to the batter and let it fry until it's firm around the edges. Turn, brown on the other side and remove to a plate.

Tip: the bruacas can have the thickness you prefer, but ideally they should be thin.

Repeat with the remaining dough and delight yourself with your sweet bruaca serving with chocolate syrup, honey, fresh fruit, jam and more. Simple as that and very hot!

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What is wild food?

Have you ever heard of bruaca but didn't understand what it was? The meaning of bruaca is somewhat varied, as it means different things in each region of Brazil.

However, the bruaca food is quite simple: it consists of a typical sweet pancake from the Northeast, prepared with the same ingredients used to make a cake: wheat flour, sugar, milk and egg. To make bruaca you don't need yeast, as it is cooked by frying it in a pan rather than in the oven, and it is not intended to grow too large. You can serve bruaca sprinkled with powdered sugar or other ingredients to your liking. Try and enjoy! You may be interested to read about the pizza rustica recipe/ calzone dough recipe blogpost/ chayote benefits recipe/ kiwi jam recipe/ benefits of golden milk recipe.